October 15, 2018

Paul Dabek joins us to break the news that he is joining the cast of the world’s largest touring magic show The Illusionists. Dabek discusses his career and life in entertainment, ranging from his start as a teenage prodigy of the Magic Circle and appearances on BBC prime time to performing at the greatest arts festivals across the globe. We also go stateside as Dabek discusses his new life in LA and performing in the entertainment capital of the world Las Vegas.



October 28, 2018

This weekend, Griffin & Jones took their traditional seance Talking to the Dead and their horror play Father of Lies to the Brighton Horror Festival.
The pioneers of slapdash magic stopped by Talking Tricks to discuss these shows and the ins and outs of being a comedy double act, their very different routes to being professional performers and turning their hands to everything to from juggling, acting and stilt walking to racing commentary, clowning and even seances. 


October 30, 2018

On October 31st 1926, the world's most famous magician and escapologist Harry Houdini died after being punched in the stomach a few days earlier.
On the anniversary of his death magicians hold seances to attempt to contact the spirt of the great Houdini. As a Talking Tricks Halloween special we gather with our good friend and fellow magician Neil Kelso to make our attempt at contacting the other side. Before this seance, we conduct a light-hearted quiz on the life, times and death of Houdini.


November 5, 2018

Charlie Caper joins us on Talking Tricks to discuss his amazing rise from Covent Garden street performer to being crowned one of the greatest magicians in the world at the 'magic olympics' FISM and being the first magic act to win a Got Talent series.

Caper also chats about 3D printing chocolate, building and integrating robots in his new show Artifice Intelligence, his time in La Soiree, Rick & Morty and his inspirations.


November 12, 2018
Canadian stand-up comedian Byron Bertram joins Talking Tricks to discuss performing all over the world in comedy clubs and at arts festivals.
He also chats about his start in the industry as a street juggler and escapologist, sports and sport-based comedy and his television and movie career as a serious actor/ token bad guy.


November 19, 2018

Multi-faceted magician, cabaret superstar, actor and pianist Neil Kelso joins us this week.

He discusses being named 1 of the Top 10 cabaret performers in the UK, his brand new show I Draw Clouds (which has its London debut this Wednesday), studying at  L'Ecole de Cirque de Bruxelles under the tutelage of juggling legend Arcadii Poupon at aged just 8 and the role mass genocide in Argentina has had in forming him as a performer.

We also play a game of Dr Kelso or Professor Kelso, for those that are already thinking about the popular character from TV show Scrubs. 


November 26, 2018

He's performed for the Queen, the UN, Richard Branson and even celebrity chef Gary Rhodes and this week he joins us on Talking Tricks to discuss his amazing career.

Chris Dugdale also talks about his performance on Penn & Teller Fool Us that ITV described as having the best ending to a TV magic trick ever and currently has more than 5 MILLION views on YouTube. We also chat about the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Chris' new book XYA and his upcoming television programme.


December 3, 2018

Celebrity magician Paul Nathan joins us on Talking Tricks to discuss his phenomenal career, from starting out performing close-up magic in nightclubs for the rich and the famous in LA including Prince and Grace Jones to his iconic performances at Glastonbury Festival and how he inadvertently created and starred in the smash-hit kids' magic show The I Hate Children Children's Show and won huge awards at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Paul also talks about leaving Hollywood A-Listers behind to become a street performer and how he ended up running his own theatre in San Francisco. As well as telling amazing stories from his life on the road, Paul reveals that he has just bought a new mansion in the States that could become a new Mecca for magical performances. 


December 10, 2018

Alex Oddball joins us this week to talk about his family's amazing journey to owning and running the world's largest juggling company.

He talks us through the incredible chance meeting of his parents that only happened because his dad dropped a juggling ball, their humble beginnings selling juggling equipment from a council estate bedroom in Hackney to the global business they run today.

Alex also discusses growing up travelling the world with his parents as they performed their juggling act, performing for Frank Lampard in his pants and the Queen of England fully clothed, Dr Martin Boots unicycles, nearly setting himself on fire in his first show in front of 60,000 people following Oasis at Glastonbury and the impact Brexit has already had on the company.



December 17, 2018

This week, we are joined by Andi Gladwin to talk about the upcoming The Session convention in January that he organises with his Vanishing Inc business partner Joshua Jay.

Andi discusses exactly what to expect from the three-day convention starring Mac King, Max Maven, Ben Hart, Andy Nyman, Dani DaOrtiz, Michael Weber, Juke Lermay and many many more.

We also chat about the origins and inspirations of the convention, Vanishing Inc's brand new Costa Rica event The Retreat and Andi's top tips of magic books all magicians must read.

The Session takes place in London between January 11th and 13th.